Beach Lounge

Bask in the luxury of Riviera Beach Lounge and daydream the hours away. Lose yourself in the comfort of our Sunbeds and enjoy our finest meals and cocktail drinks. With a stylish main pool, a loved family pool area, a floating Island and Cocoon like Bungalows, Riviera Beach Lounge will lead you through a luxuriously memorable experience with a various selection of Water Sports Activities...

Riviera Opens from May till October

  Weekdays Weekends
Single Entry 33.000 L.B.P 43.000 L.B.P
Kids (0 to 3 years) Free of charge
Children 20.000 L.B.P 25.000 L.B.P
Pool Bed (2 people) 110.000 L.B.P 140.000 L.B.P
Private bungalow with jacuzzi (up to 8 people) 375.000 L.B.P 525.000 L.B.P
Santorini (up to 12 people) 450.000 L.B.P 700.000 L.B.P
Rent a locker 15.000 L.B.P
Rent a towel 5.000 L.B.P
Buy a towel 25.000 L.B.P

Swimming Pool

  1. Main Pool

    After a day full of business obligations or sightseeing, take the time to relax. Go for a swim in the refreshing swimming pool, lay back in a deckchair and enjoy the Good Music.

  2. Little Riviera

    In the Little Riviera’s Family Pool you can enjoy the sun and let your little ones splash around and have their fun in the pool and in the Sand Box Playground.
    A tailored Little Riviera menu containing a wide range of your children’s favorite meals and treats is available.

Swimming Lessons

One of the best gifts you can give your child or yourself! is learning to swim. 
Riviera Beach Lounge offer swim lessons for all ages that are designed to allow the participants to have fun in the water while learning important swimming skills. 
Swimmers will learn the basic skills that build on one another as the levels increase. 

  1. One on One - 60 Minutes for 35$

    One student with the coach - Privet coach

  2. Two on One - 60 Minutes for 30$

    Two students with the coach

  3. Three on One - 60 Minutes for 25$ 

    Three students with the coach

Island Bar

Whether you want to host your wedding, private event, birthday, or prom The Island Bar is the perfect location.

Overlooking the pool, Jacuzzis and beach area, you can come during the day to tan and enjoy amazing flavored cocktails.

SeaScape Sunset Bar

Wind down with the sun and take the day into night at SeaScape Sunset Bar. As the sun calls it a day, enjoy the scrumptious barbecue while you sip on cocktails as good as the view.

VIP Facilities

It's summer and with the blazing heat that comes with the season everyone is looking forward for a relaxing treat. 

Private Bungalow For Up To Ten Persons With Private Jacuzzi

Private Santorini VIP Lounge For Up To Fifteen Persons With Private Pool

Relaxing Pool Beds.

Info and Reservation 03322600